Local Programs


These incredible self-flying machines will change the future, but how do they work? We explore physics and technology in this educational STEM show with a captivating drone swarm finale.

Set up: 30-40 minutes
Runtime: 45-60 minutes


Best performed in a large open space such as a gymnasium.

Ideal for elementary-middle school aged audiences of 30-350 at schools, libraries, and camps.

Please note our clearance requirement. All our drones are safe, but we're careful around young audiences.

Included: Fly-over pictures of your audience!
During the show we take a couple photos of the audience from above with our DJI Spark drone and send them to you. These pictures are never used on our website or advertising without permission.

Local price (June-Sept): Contact us.


An exciting exploration of the tiny particles that make up everything we touch: molecules! Launch a trash can 50 feet in the air or cool off with liquid nitrogen ice cream for your whole audience!

Set up: 20-30 minutes
Runtime: 45-75 minutes


Ideal for any age group of less than 75 at libraries, camps, early learning centers, fundraisers, and parties. We can perform this show anywhere!

Included, choose from one of the following finale options:

Trash Can Launch

Join us in launching an ordinary trash can 50ft in the air with a fire-less explosion! Now that's cool. Must be done outside.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream for up to 100

Help us bring together fresh cream, milk, sugar, and liquid nitrogen for the smoothest ice cream you've ever tasted! We're always happy to include dairy-free ice cream or sorbet at your request for those with dietary restrictions.

Local price: $790


Note: Due to Covid-19 precautions, we have temporarily discontinued the use of fog in LaserScience. The show is still just as awesome!

LaserScience isn't your average light show. First, we figure out how to put it together. We begin each show with a single beam of light. It's what we do with that beam that makes the show amazing.

Set up: 30-40 minutes
Runtime: 45-60 minutes


Best performed dark space with high ceilings (>15ft), the darker the better! Can be performed outside after dark as long as we have a surface to project onto such as a screen, wall, hill, or even a beach!

Ideal for elementary-middle school aged audiences of 50-500 at schools, libraries, camps, fundraisers, and science nights.

Local price: $890

Add-on workshop: Paint with Light!

Dance and draw with light! Our custom photo-booths capture your kinetic art, and we send you the photos! Get hands-on with persistence of vision, the science that drives laser shows. Digital images will be posted to a password-protected gallery for sharing with parents. Participants’ faces do not need to be part of the images.
Digital Photos: $200 for first hour* & $100 for each additional hour*. Printed Photos & Digitals: $300 for first hour* & $150 for each additional hour*. *Each hour can accommodate up to 60 participants.

Custom shows:
Want a customized show for your Olympics / Color War breakout or special event? We can design custom-animated laser projections as part of the show or to project in or on the outside of your event spaces. Call us for more information or click below to see some examples.


On hiatus until September 2022.

Skateboarding is awesome. Practice and physics make it happen. Enjoy pro skaters showing off their coolest tricks as we explore the science behind how it all works.

Set up: 45-60 minutes
Runtime: 45-75 minutes


This show cannot be performed on a rubber gym floor.

Ideal for elementary-middle school aged groups of 50-500 at schools, libraries, camps, fundraisers, and community events.

Included: Professional skateboarder!
Some of our scientists can skateboard…but not like the pros! We’ll let a professional demo their skills on the board while we illuminate the science behind their tricks.

Local price: $1190

Schedule multiple shows and save!

If we don’t have to pack up, load, unload, and set up, that saves us a lot. We’re happy to share that savings with you. Book multiple consecutive shows in the same location for very substantial discounts.

Travel Prices

Our local programs include travel fees, calculated by county.

Reducing the cost of travel is easy. If we can present two or more programs without having to return to Philadelphia, the cost of travel can be divided by all of the locations that book together. Coordinate with your fellow librarians, camp directors, principals, or presidents and save!

Not on the map? We can still come to you! Contact us for more information.