The physics of vision!

In this highly visual, interactive show, we capture student's imaginations by starting with a single point of light. We'll explore how that one beam can create entire images using the science of our eyes - quickly building to a full-blown laser spectacle!

LaserScience is all about the physics of optics and vision. As we play with visual perception, we'll include STEAM concepts and explore motion in movies and cartoons too!

We'll bring out the music, lasers, and sparks to present an exciting and educational show you'll never forget!

Covid-19 Note: We have temporarily discontinued the use of fog in LaserScience and changed our projection style. The show is still just as awesome!

LaserScience meets the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards–PS3.A, PS3.B, PS3.D


What We Might Explore

All of our shows are unscripted. We meet our audiences at their current understanding and seek to follow their curiosity where it leads. Here are some ideas we might explore together!

Our eyes hold onto bright images for a moment, then quickly erase them.

Lasers are concentrated beams that behave differently than other kinds of light.

A single, fast moving point can trick our eyes into seeing familiar shapes.

How do science, technology, engineering, art, and math work together? What can we use Lasers for?

Light is made of stuff! Light can touch and bounce off of other objects.

The Details

LaserScience has a runtime of 45-60 minutes and is great for elementary to middle school audiences of 50-500!


We take care of everything else, including audio!

LaserScience is best performed in a tall, dark room with windows covered. The darker the better!

LaserScience can be performed outside in the evening with a surface shine our lasers onto such as a screen, wall, hill, or even a beach!

Covid-19 Note: We have temporarily discontinued the use of fog in LaserScience and changed our projection style. The show is still just as awesome!

Book your show!

Philadelphia Area

LaserScience is available locally throughout the Mid-Atlantic region year-round!

We always offer discounts to schools, camps, and libraries that order several programs or pre-pay.

Our local shows include travel fees that can be reduced by scheduling multiple shows in the same area. Coordinate with your fellow librarians, camp directors, principals, or presidents and save!

Price: $890

Awesome Extras


Want LaserScience customized with your logo or slogan? Need something extra special for your color run, Olympic Break Out event, or summer reading theme? Want to animate community members as a surprise?

We're always excited to offer customizations for our shows!

Workshop: Paint with Light

Not available during Covid-19 restrictions.

Dance and draw with light! Our cameras will capture your students kinetic art and we send you the photos! Get hands-on with persistence of vision, the science that drives laser shows, in our specially made photo-booths.

Your digital images will be posted to password-protected gallery for sharing with parents. Participants’ faces do not need to be part of the images.

Contact us for more information about add-ons and pricing!

Festival of Light

Also check out our special holiday show!

More than just a light show. Celebrate Hanukkah with a dazzling Festival of Laser Light, while bringing the Hanukkah story and philosophy to life for all ages.

The show culminates with a giant menorah lighting you’ll never forget – each flame glowing with a different color, creating shadows in the fog over your congregation.