Wondergy's Festival of Light will light up your Sanctuary for Hanukkah. More than just a light show, bring science to the holiday!

The Show

It all starts with a single beam of laser light. Just one dot. Move it fast enough, and it becomes a marvelous show to delight your community. You’ve never seen a Laser show like this! With fog, the Hanukkah story becomes a duel of light beams, replete with fantastic laser beam and lighting effects. The show culminates with a giant menorah lighting you’ll never forget – each flame glowing with a different color, creating shadows in the fog over your congregation.

The Analogy

The Hanukkah story is fundamentally one of underestimation and resourcefulness. The Hellenized Persians underestimated the Jewish people’s commitment to Judaism, and underestimated the ability of a small, poorly armed guerrilla force to overcome an organized and well-equipped army. Then, upon re-sanctification, the Jewish Priests underestimated how long a small jar of holy oil could stay aflame. With our Festival of (Laser) Light, we’ll see how we can do a lot with a little by using it well; that’s what science and laser shows are all about.

More Than a Show

It’s an investment in your community. In the weeks leading up to the show, we can explore more content with your school classes or youth groups, exploring the science that makes the show possible, and how it relates to Hanukkah. We can optionally set up a custom-developed photo booth where congregants can “Paint with Light” and take home their own visual experiments using the principles that enable laser shows. We will work on-site to customize your show to fit your sanctuary, gym, social hall, or theater. We will work with your Rabbi or Director, to support their messages and optionally make them the stars of the show.

Download a Printable Concept Overview Letter

menorahflamesWith support from The Jewish Center in Princeton, NJ, we premiered the Festival of (Laser) Light show in December 2011 in The Jewish Center’s Social Hall, followed by dinner. The evening show, a first of its kind for the Jewish Center, drew over 300 guests of all ages to the social hall and consumed all available parking. The giant Hanukkiah lighting, a serene moment in darkness, received spontaneous applause. Congregants and board members called it “The best show I’ve seen” and other warm superlatives. It was deemed a resounding success by the organizer, Neil Wise.

The Response

Weeks later, we brought portions of the Festival of (Laser) Light show to the National Museum of American Jewish History for their Being Jewish on Christmas celebration (our 6th year back!). Both shows filled the Dell Auditorium (and its aisles) and received kudos from young and old. Portions of the show were also presented at other communities, including Young Israel of Elkins Park, the Jewish Community High School of Gratz College, and other synagogues in the area, all with great success. This year, we’re bringing our shows to even more communities. Want us to visit yours? Book today!
To book, call us toll-free at 86-MOLECULE, or e-mail us at science@wondergy.com.


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