Frequently Asked Questions

National Programs

Booking National Programs

Use our Booking Form to request shows. Use our Inquiry Form to request information about available dates for shows you're interest in. We'll be in touch with you shortly after!

We route our programs throughout May-June and will get back to you with show dates and times in the beginning of July. If any of these dates and times conflict with your calendar, please let us know immediately and we will work on rescheduling as soon as possible. With only one show on the road for 2021-22, it may be impossible to provide alternate dates. We appreciate your flexibility!

You are not obligated for any of the shows you express interest in until after dates have been approved by your school.

Three weeks before your program, you will be sent a reminder of the time, date, and fee.

Specific Dates

To keep prices low and create a reasonable travel schedule for our performers, we don't usually schedule specific dates upfront. If you require a specific date we will have to charge far more than the list price.


We always give price breaks to schools that order multiple programs or pre-pay!

Three weeks before your program, you will be sent a reminder of the time, date, and fee. Checks may be mailed to our office. For your convenience, we're also able to take credit card payments over the phone with a 3.5% fee.

Audience Sizes and Length of Programs

Recommended maximum audience size is usually 300-350 students. Larger audiences restrict visibility, make it difficult for students to hear in the back of the room, and hinder the experience of our interactive shows.

Programs are typically 40-45 minutes in length. It's imperative that students are already seated and ready to start at the scheduled time. Otherwise, we may have to cut content from the show to maintain our schedule.

Local Programs

What does 'local' mean?

Wondergy is based in Philadelphia and our local programs are available throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. However, we can travel anywhere! If you’re as far away as, say, Virginia, we would be more than happy to work with you to create a tour. Call us and we can make it happen. Our longest trip so far was 40 shows across southern India. If our schedule has time available, we can get to you.

Travel Fees

Our local programs include travel fees, calculated by county. The cost of travel can be reduced by coordinating with other schools, camps, libraries, etc. to book multiple shows in one region. See here for more information.

Customized Programs

Wondergy specializes in custom design, from a family day about your company’s technology to animating your logo in laser light, to making science concepts relevant to your celebration. We find ways to add excitement and meaning to your event, product, or technology.

We often take “science-of” show requests. Recent custom shows include Electricity, Fireworks, Halloween, Baseball, Video Games, Ice Rinks, and more! If you have a product with awesome science behind it, call us; we can explore almost anything.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes! Everything can be made vegan, sugar-free, peanut-free, non-dairy (pareve), or Kosher (even Cholov Yisroel) upon request.