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School Assemblies


In LaserScience we project moving images made of light! But the whole show is made from just one beam. To learn how it works, we take a look at the science of optics and the human eye.


Who knew temperature could be so cool? In CoolScience we use liquid nitrogen to see just how fun temperature can be. Oh, and we can use what we learn to make ice cream. Mmm. Now that sounds good.
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What makes a robot, a robot? In RobotScience we discover robotic fundamentals using simple robots, and teach a state-of-the-art humanoid how to dance. Let's boogie!
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Not everyone's a skater, but we can all agree it's pretty awesome watching them do their thing. In SkateScience, our pro skaters show off their tricks while explaining the physics behind it.
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Sound is everywhere. Have you ever set it on fire? Ever watched it draw with light? That's why we're here.