Physics takes flight!

Cutting edge computer technology makes these self-flying vehicles possible and they will shape the future of our students. But how do they work?

We start with basic physics ideas, break down the familiar tech behind a drones mesmerizing ability to hover, and bring it all together to create a coordinated, dancing drone swarm finale.

Drones are way more than just cool toys! We'll discover the awesome potential they have - from making art, to studying ocean whales, to helping solve big environmental problems.

Of course, this program is more than just a drone show, it’s an educational STEM/STEAM show! Interactive, inquiry-driven science and engineering will excite volunteers, and your whole audience!

DroneScience meets the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards–PS3.A, PS3.B, PS3.D

What We Might Explore

All of our shows are unscripted. We meet our audiences at their current understanding and seek to follow their curiosity where it leads. Here are some ideas we might explore together.

Propulsion, equal and opposite reaction, energy.

How do we make a drone? Why are drones new?

Spin at the right times, not the wrong ones.

Drones rely on fast feedback to react quickly.

Instruct drones to do simple, amazing things, automatically!

What can we use drones for? How can they help us solve problems?

How does air hold stuff up?

The Details

DroneScience has a runtime of 45 minutes and is great for elementary to middle school audiences of 30-400!


We take care of everything else, including audio!

DroneScience cannot be performed outside.

Due to the nature of the show, DroneScience is best performed in a large open room with high ceilings - such as a gymnasium - rather than an auditorium stage. Only have an auditorium? Don't worry! We can make it work with some adaptations.

Please note our clearance requirement. All of our drones are safe, but we're careful around young audiences.

Book your show!

National Tour

DroneScience is currently taking bookings for our 2021-22 national tour!

We will visit 300+ schools, libraries, museums, and community centers across the United States from September 2021 to June 2022.

We always offer discounts to schools and districts that order several programs or pre-pay.

Price: $795

Philadelphia Area

DroneScience is available locally throughout the Mid-Atlantic region during the summer. Our summer programs include travel fees that can be reduced by scheduling multiple shows in the same area. Coordinate with your fellow librarians, camp directors, principals, or presidents and save!

Contact us for local pricing and scheduling!