Freeze, explode, and disappear!

Bring the science of thermal energy to life! CoolScience explores how we
stay cool in the summer heat and warm up in the winter chill. We'll learn about the tiny particles that make up everything we touch - molecules!

We'll make things freeze, explode, contract, and behave in unexpected ways that will challenge our assumptions about the world. With just liquid nitrogen (the coolest stuff around), a little water, balloons, tea kettles, and a carpet, we'll keep any audience wowed.

As an optional finale, join us in launching a trash can 50 feet in the air with a fire-less explosion! Or, for an especially cool treat, the show can culminate with students helping us synthesize what we've learned to use liquid nitrogen - along with cream, milk, and sugar - to serve up the freshest homemade ice cream they've ever tasted!

CoolScience is a five senses show ideal for audiences of less than 75. Tell us what your group looks like and we might set something on fire!

The Details

CoolScience has a runtime of 45-75 minutes and is great for any age group of less than 75!

We've done CoolScience inside and outside, on stage and in the basement, at festivals, birthdays, classrooms, and research labs. All we need is a table and an outlet.

This show is great for all ages, including adults! With our youngest groups, we investigate process and object permanence. With more advanced groups, we explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gas and the transfer and use of thermal energy. With science experts, we use the same props to demonstrate the sometimes counterintuitive outcomes of thermodynamics.

CoolScience includes one optional finale. Choose from:

We use liquid nitrogen - along with cream, milk, and sugar - to serve up the freshest ice cream you've ever tasted!

We're always happy to accommodate audience members with dietary restrictions by including dairy-free ice cream or sorbet.

Blast an everyday trash can 50ft in the air with a impressive fire-free explosion powered by liquid nitrogen! Must be done outside.

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Philadelphia Area

CoolScience is available locally throughout the Mid-Atlantic region year-round!

We always offer discounts to schools, camps, and libraries that order several programs or pre-pay.

Our local shows include travel fees that can be reduced by scheduling multiple shows in the same area. Coordinate with your fellow librarians, camp directors, principals, or presidents and save!

Not on the map? We can still come to you, just reach out to us!

Price: $790