What We Do

Wondergy began in 2002 as the passion project of a dedicated educator. Today we bring 900+ exciting and educational science assemblies to schools throughout the United States each year. Our programs also visit camps, libraries, events, and birthday parties in the Philadelphia area year-round. 

We believe science should be fun! All of our shows are interactive, unscripted, and grow with audiences small and large as we learn together, creating educational experiences that are engaging, inspiring, and unforgettable.

Where We've Been

Our Shows


These incredible self-flying machines are changing our future, but how do they work? We explore physics and technology in this educational STEM show with a captivating drone swarm finale.


LaserScience isn't your average light show. First, we figure out how to put it together. We begin each show with a single beam of light. It's what we do with that beam that makes the show amazing.


Skateboarding is awesome. Practice and physics make it happen. Enjoy pro skaters showing off their coolest tricks as we explore the science behind how it all works! On hiatus until September 2022.


An exciting exploration of the tiny particles that make up everything we touch: molecules! Launch a trash can 50 feet in the air or cool off with liquid nitrogen ice cream for your whole audience! 

What our clients say

Safe assemblies are coming back!

It's been a hard year. We're super excited that the scientists behind the global vaccine initiative have given us the opportunity to continue doing what we love. Concerned about Covid-19? We are too. All of our performers are fully vaccinated and will take extra precautions to ensure the safety of every audience member.

Reserve your awesome educational assembly for the 2021-22 academic year today!